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Category: Desert Contemplations

  • Reflection on Lent

    The first two months of the year have already pasted us by, and March 1st has arrived. We have also entered the season of Lent. To many Christians around the world Lent is a time where we give up something we love as a sign of sacrifice and to test our self-discipline. This is to represent the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us. It is also a time of self-reflection. With Easter quickly approaching this is a great time to reflect on who we are as Christians and what we are doing in service to God. Service can have

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  • “Is It Friday Yet?” by Claudia Bartlett

    I woke up this morning and the first thing I thought was: “Is it Friday yet?” And after talking to God, and doing a few chores at home, I remembered that today is “only Tuesday.” I wondered what made me think about Friday?  See, I have made myself believe that Friday is a better day.  Why?  Maybe because it’s the day before the weekend, and so many people, including me, love their weekends. But I have to remember that God tells me in the Bible that every day is a special day. I don’t have to wait until Friday to

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  • Maybe you feel like a failure sometimes?

    I was made aware recently that I have not submitted a post to this blog for almost a year.  Now, it may be that you really don’t want to read this blog, or simply don’t care whether it’s here or not.  But for me, since it’s something I committed to doing, this lapse is unacceptable.  When told about it, in fact, my out loud response was, “I have failed miserably….”  And later, I also thought to myself, “… again.”   Failing to write a blog on a regular basis (unless you count once per year as “regular”?) is not too

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