We currently are in the middle of a Sunday series called “Coming and Going.” It is based on a
book by Robert Schnase called Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations, but more importantly,
based on two important invitations of Jesus.

The first invitation is when he told some people who were wondering where He was staying
(and, more than that I believe, were wondering about HIM), “Come and see.” One of those
men was Andrew, who became the first of Jesus’ disciples. Andrew must have been impacted
by those words, because in the gospel accounts we have of Andrew, he was often bringing
people to Jesus – in other words, to “come and see.”

This “come and see” ministry is something almost all of us can do. Some of us often make such
an invitation regarding things we’re excited about. “Come on over and see what I’ve done to
the house.” “Come and see my new car.” “Come and eat with me at this great restaurant I
discovered.” Now, can we make this invitation regarding our church, and our faith? You don’t
even need to have Bible verses memorized for such an invitation. “The Bible study I’m in is
really great. Come with me one evening and see.” “Come and see what our church is all about.
I’m going this Sunday, I can pick you up.” And then, let Jesus do the rest! Of course, some will
say “no, thanks.” But who knows when someone will respond with a “yes.” You won’t need to
twist any arms, because that person is responding not just to you but to the Holy Spirit stirring
in his or her heart.

Because of this series (but again, more importantly, because of Jesus), we are going to have an
“Invite a Friend Sunday” this week, Sunday, October 27. We’re not doing anything different
than we usually do, though we will have a small gift for those who you bring. We promise not
to embarrass your friends by making them stand up and tell us their names. (I always get
stressed out when I go to a church where that’s a practice… and I’m a pastor!) We just want to
have an emphasis on one of the most important pieces of practicing our Christian faith, and
that’s to invite people to “come and see.”

Stay tuned for the next entry, two weeks from now, on the second invitation of Jesus.

See you Sunday. God bless, Pastor Dave

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