Would you join me during Lent – a traditional time when Christians prepare for Easter by especially focusing on repentance, moderation in or abstinence from certain worldly pleasures, and engaging in fasting and prayer and other spiritual disciplines – by committing to daily Bible reading of the gospel of Luke?  Here’s how it will work:

1. find the reading plan by doing one of the following:

1a. on your computer, go to: https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/1494-lent-journey-according-to-luke.  You’ll be able to sign up, and able to start any day you want, though I’m suggesting you begin on Sunday, March 1; OR…

1b. on your phone, download the app “YouVersion,” (which is the “app” for the above website).  At the bottom of your screen, tap “plans,” and using the search icon type in “Lent: Journey According to Luke.”  You’ll be able to start the plan any day, though I’m suggesting you begin on Sunday, March 1.

2. When you go to either of these places, you can:

2a. sign up to do the reading plan by yourself; OR…

2b.  sign up to do the plan with others, and each day, if you would like, add your thoughts and read the thoughts of others in a “Talk It Over” section.  If you would like to do this option with your church family, please let me know, and rather than signing up on your own, let me send you an invitation for our group which you can then accept.  I would need to know if you would prefer doing this on your computer (in which case I’ll need your email) or your phone (in which case I’ll need your number so I can text you).  To let me know, please text me: 520-665-1545; or email me: pastor@MaranaDisciples.org.

If you have questions, also, please let me know.  God bless you, Pastor Dave

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