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Disability Equipment Ministry

Our Disability Equipment Ministry is located at our Outreach Center (12002 N Puma Rd) and
seeks to help provide donated disability equipment to help those in need. Over the last five
years, we have helped hundreds of people with various pieces of equipment, from motorized
wheelchairs to raised toilet seats. What we give, we do so for free, asking only that if and when
a person no longer needs the equipment, they give it back or pass it along to someone who
does need it.


If you have questions about donating to this ministry, or are in need of disability equipment,
please contact our Disability Equipment Coordinator, Mark Robertson, at 520-204-7353. Or,
you may contact our Outreach Center by phone at 520.389.8906, or by
email at outreachpastor@MaranaDisciples.org.