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Sunday 9:00 Service, 10:45 Service, Office Hours: Tuesday Noon – 4pm. Friday Noon – 4pm

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry at Community Christian Church of Marana is an exciting ministry offering various ministry experiences for youth in grades 6-12. Our youth ministry exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ by presenting youth with the opportunity to experience the love and ministry of Jesus Christ by:
  • Respecting and cultivating each others God-given gifts and talents
  • Performing works of service and ministry to others
  • Spending time with each other in a Godly manner
  • Bringing our thoughts and spirits closer to God through study and prayer
  • Reaching out to the unsaved in a loving and powerful way

Sunday Church School Classes @10:45 am

Youth (grades 8 – 12) meet in the Youth Room during the 10:45 am service. Youth (grades 6 – 7) meet in the middle school youth room during the 10:45 service.

Planned Events

Activities include games of all kinds, mission work, sleep overs, discussions, Bible study and more. There are several weekend retreats scheduled throughout the year. If you are a parent/guardian of one of our youth, visit our Youth Parent/Guardian Resources Page for a calendar, more information about planned events, and activity forms visit our Youth Parent/Guardian Resources Page. To protect the privacy of our youth this page is password protected. If you would like more information about our youth program please call our office, or email our Youth Ministry Coordinator at youth@maranadisciples.org.