8:45 am

“Traditional” Worship

Our Sunday, 8:45 am “Traditional” worship is usually led by Pastor Dave Hedgepeth. Pianist Judy Capen leads the music, mostly of traditional songs from our hymnal, and plays a variety of songs. This is often our most quiet worship. It is 60 minutes, and 20-40 people attend.


9:45-10:15 am – Hospitality and Fellowship

Sometimes there’s just coffee, sometimes there’s a few light treats, and sometimes there’s a breakfast buffet.  It’s always free, but you may give a donation if you choose.  Come and enjoy.


10:30 am

“Blended” Worship 

& Children/Youth Classes

Our Sunday, 10:30 am “Blended” worship is usually led by Pastor Dave Hedgepeth. A praise team leads a variety of music, with an emphasis on gospel, folk, and traditional, but also including contemporary Christian. Near the beginning of each service is a “children’s sermon,” after which (on most Sundays) children may go to children’s & youth classes led by our various teachers.  The worship is 75 minutes, and 60-80 people attend.


“What is Worship like?”

All of our worship services at Community Christian Church have a number of similarities, including:

-the Lord’s Supper, or communion, celebrated weekly.  We celebrate an “open table,” meaning that  everyone is welcome to participate, including children.

-relevant, challenging preaching that starts with the Bible.

-time for prayer.

-an invitation to give a financial offering, with no pressure to give.

-an invitation to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, or recommit yourself to Him.

steady average growth – more and more people coming to each one.


“What is available for my children?”

We love having children in worship with us.  We keep “Oodles of Doodles” cards in the pockets of the seats that children (of all ages!) can use. Children’s noises in worship are a joy, and parents and guardians are sensitive enough that when their child is making too much noise, they take them to the children’s center where they may continue to listen to the service.

Nevertheless, we realize that it is better for many children and their parents and guardians to have other options.  A Nursery is available at all worship services, for babies and preschool-aged children.  Children & Youth classes are offered on most weeks at our Sunday, 10:30 am worship.

For more information about our children’s ministries, click here. For more information about our Youth Ministries, click here.


“How should I dress?”

Most people dress informally – even jeans or shorts – though some come in ties or dresses. We simply ask that you “come as you are,” and at the same time not call undue attention to yourself through your dress. We come together to worship the living God, rather than get ourselves noticed.


“What should I expect as a visitor?” 

You should expect a friendly welcome at the door. On Sundays, you will be handed a bulletin (which will help you follow along with the worship). You are welcome to sit anywhere you wish. Bible and hymnbooks are located on racks underneath many of the seats. The pastors start on time (usually!), with a welcome, and then singing begins, and each worship service flows from there.