While many contribute to the working of Community Christian Church and its ministries, there is a small staff who keep us on track and organized.

Pastoral Staff


Pastor Dave Hedgepeth received his call to full-time ministry in eighth grade, but God had to do a lot of work on him before he really claimed that call. Read More…

Contact Pastor Dave
Office Phone: 520.682.4201
Mobile Phone: 520.665.1545
Email: pastor@maranadisciples.org



We are blessed to have Pastor Ignacio as our Pastoral Assistant

Contact Pastor Ignacio
Office Phone: 520.682.4201




As Chair of our Elders, Elizabeth leads our Elders in helping our Pastors engage our congregation in our five purposes. Our Elders are also responsible for helping to teach, pray with and for, and lead our congregation. Our Elders are elected by the congregation annually, and the chairperson is chosen by the Elders.
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Office Phone: 520.682.4201




Ministry Staff


Nathaniel Privratsky currently heads up a group of volunteers that lead our children in worship and learning about Jesus Christ.

Contact Children’s Team
Office Phone: 520.682.4201




As Chairperson of our Deacons. The Deacons are responsible for greeting people who come to worship, collecting the offerings, and serving and cleaning up communion. Deacons are elected by the congregation annually, and the chairperson is chosen by the Deacons.

Contact Paula
Office Phone: 520.682.4201



Disciples Women’s Ministry: Anita Armendarez

Contact Anita
Office Phone: 520.682.4201




Alisha is our Preschool Director. Our Community Christian Preschool is owned and operated by our church. It runs Mondays thru Fridays, 6 a.m-6 p.m., with exceptionally good care, solid teaching, and reasonable prices. See their site for more information.

Contact Alisha

Office Phone: 520.682.4201

Website: www.communitychristianpreschool.com



Welcome Team Coordinator:


Office Phone: 520.682.3170




Greg has been our Youth Ministry Coordinator since 2017 and leads a team of volunteers who strive to make our youth programs both educational and Fun.

Contact Greg
Office Phone: 520.682.4201
Mobile Phone: 520.444.6049
Email: gking@maranadisciples.org


Administrative Staff


As the Audio/Visual Lead Tedd is responsible for for the look and sound of our service. He works closely with both the pastors and music team each week to ensure that things run smoothly and sound great.

Contact Tedd
Office Phone: 520.682.4201
Email: audiovisual@maranadisciples.org


Hospitality Coordinator: 

Office Phone: 520.682.4201





Marjorie serves as our Office Manager. She coordinates office staffing, helps ministries leaders create and duplicate materials, and conducts church business. Marjorie also serves at the Welcome center, giving visitors and guests information and a warm first experience.
Contact Marjorie
Office Phone: 520.682.4201
Email: office@maranadisciples.org




As Publicity Coordinator Charles is responsible for helping people to know about our congregation. He “gets our name out” into the community in a variety of ways, including on-site signage, articles, advertisements, and more.

Contact Charles
Office Phone: 520.682.4201




Our As Property Coordinator, Sergio oversees the care taking of the property. This position revolves around janitorial work, landscaping, and maintenance and improvements on the various systems of the church (mechanical, plumbing, etc.). He also leads an occasional workday with any interested volunteers.

Contact Sergio
Office Phone: 520.682.4201